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Fiamma Horse Float Awnings

Fiamma is a trusted brand worldwide and sets the benchmark when it comes to quality and service. With over sixty years experience in manufacturing awnings for caravans, compters and motorhomes we are proud to release our range of awnings specifically designed for horse floats.

Benefits include:
• Ideal relaxation area for those hot summer days.
• High resistance for harmful UV rays

Features of Fiamma awning include:
• Canopies are sealed air tight by ultrasound, there are no seams and hence it offers better resistance to water and tears
• Canopies are printed on both sides, with the outer layer being hyper protected to allow for deep cleaning, without damaging the fabric.
• Fabric is scratch resistant, flame-retardant and rot-proof.

5 fabric colours to choose from.

Fiamma F45Ti Awnings

The Fiamma F45Ti awnings are both user-friendly and silent during opening and closing, making it an ideal item for you and your traveling companion. The ares are fixed with a double bolt system which grants the awning with more stability. When closed, the awning is housed in an attractive white aluminium casing. The canopies are UV Resistant, waterproof and washable with colour on both sides. Crank handles and standard brackets are supplied.

Fiamma Privacy Room

Increase your living area or use it as another bedroom

Exclusive to Fiamma are the Italian designed Privacy Rooms that can also be fitted to your horse float. The patented clip system keeps your awning and privacy room secure, and also offers better protection against raid and draft.