Pegasus Horse Floats

Pegasus Floats

The finishing touches were added to the very first Pegasus Float back in 1978. Since then Pegasus has proudly manufactured an extensive range of quality floats, truck bodies and special application vehicles.

Pegasus maintains strict quality control over all aspects of construction by personally performing all work in its own premises with exception of living area facilities. To ensure that all Pegasus products do the jobs they’re built for, today and for long into the future, we pay exceptional attention to detail, from the basic design to the superb, fade-resistant finish that is now a hallmark of the Pegasus Name.

John and Helen Nicholls are the founders and principals of Pegasus Floats. Helen has been a horse owner since childhood and has thorough knowledge of horses. John is a fitter and turner by trade. Before starting the company he had years of experience in aviation and marine engineering. Through John’s technical expertise and Helen’s knowledge of horses, Pegasus customers have access to expert advice about our many models, features and options.

Remember, while all horse floats may look the same, many years of experience and research goes into each Pegasus Float, which is why we are regarded as market leaders in design, innovation and quality throughout Australia.